The New Asian Real Estate Silver Fund is raising capital to inject USD 6 million in Apple Residence at its first closing.
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Our Investments

We adopt a careful investment approach to maximize value and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors across the globe.




Distance Learning



Real Estate




Food & Beverage

Franchise Model


Our Methodology



The fund pursues and quickly takes advantage of growth capital opportunities, seeking to invest in attractive new developments as well as quality investment projects already underway in need of financing


Thorough Studies


All potential investments are put through a rigorous due diligence process by which we assess all aspects of any deal including market, legal and financial feasibility studies, as well investment life-cycle risk.


Active Asset Management


We proactively manage assets the fund has invested in to drive up property values and gain high returns for our investors



Why invest with GainWells?


We offer professionally diversified portfolios that minimize risk and engage in active asset management strategies that enhance the value of our portfolio Projects. We offer them strategic guidance to improve operational efficiency and support their long-term sustainability and growth potential.

Our mutual funds are managed by experienced professionals to achieve superior results. Our team of seasoned professionals studies markets and identify emerging growth drivers and seize opportunities as they come in order to maximize the value created for our investors.



Our Investing Strategy


Our strategy is to invest in businesses with minimal risk profiles and high returns that are both scalable and sustainable. We have an extensive industry-wide network of relationships that we use to source for best investing opportunities. Risk is mitigated by conservative estimates of projected cash flows and meticulous studies of what-if scenarios. GainWells works with only the most reputable brands with proven capabilities and brand recognition and we ensure the highest levels of transparency and good governance, with clear exit strategies so our investors remain secure.



GainWells Mutual Funds


Real Estate focused
We keep our investors secure by focusing on tangible real estate assets. Real Estate is something that you can see, feel and utilize. It is less volatile and more insulated. We also keep our management fee at the lowest level to let all the investors’ money goes directly to real assets.


Private & closed ended
Our mutual funds are private and closed-ended.


100% shariah compliant
All funds meet all of the requirements of Shariah law and the principles articulated for “Islamic finance”.


We keep our investments diversified to minimize risk and maximize long term sustainability and growth potential.


We adopt strict due diligence process by which we assess all legal and financial aspects of any opportunity.