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Your Problem

A sudden decline in customer demand or business revenue and don’t know what to do to remain in business and proceed without losing your market share or talented employees!


1. You are not alone, 82% of business leaders expect declines in revenues over the next six months based on YBO.
2. Most of the world’s greatest startups like Airbnb and Uber were born out of the last financial crisis.

Our Solution

With our support, you have many choices to help your business emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever. Unlocking new market opportunities, raising some funds, getting into M&A, and many more options to choose from!

Thrive, Don’t Just Survive!

Many great companies have emerged from downturns stronger than ever. Let’s help you be one of them!


We provide the most comprehensive range of consulting support available to entrepreneurs and small business owners

13 Years of experience

We have people with over a decade of collective experience and know-how in business and entrepreneurship.

Wide Investor Database

Once you become ready, we let you access our investor database of almost 3000 verified investors.

Efficient process

Our seasoned consultants provide a deep analysis of the product, market opportunity, competitive positioning, and scalability.

Our Featured Services

Business Planning

We create the blueprint of your business, elaborating on crucial details you need to win over investors and succeed in the market.

Market Research

Collecting and analyzing relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face in the short and long run.

Pitch Deck Preparation

An Integrating of market analysis, financial modeling, value proposition, and profit formula to design a convincing proposal for potential investors.


Feasibility Study

By validating a project’s cash-flow and profits, its ability to withstand risk, and ensuring long term success and presence in the market.

Financial Modeling

We provide in-depth analysis forecasting your organization’s financial performance from its inception well into the future to ensure it is heading the right way.

Marketing & Sales Planning

We understand customers are the source of real growth, which is why we provide tailored marketing solutions to achieve organic, profitable expansion.


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